Leaves’ Eyes

Lyrics on the lives of Vikings, fairy songs, deep growls – and everything neatly wrapped up in symphonic-melodic tracks, that’s LEAVES’ EYES – who will play an exclusive release show at SUMMER BREEZE 2020!

The multicultural troop around front-man Alexander Krull will be in their starting blocks with some brand-new material and will pull out an awesome show for you at SUMMER BREEZE 2020. The band will bring their brand-new songs to life on stage – you should get excited for what and whom LEAVES’ EYES will bring with them to Dinkelsbühl. Viking Metal-disciples who also like some melodic or even symphonic influences will be at the right place when LEAVES’ EYES will conquer the stage in Dinkelsbühl once more…



Into Your Light - EP (2004)
Lovelorn - Album (2004)
Elegy - EP (2005)
Vinland Saga - Album (2005)
Legend Land - EP (2006)
We Came With The Northern Winds / En Saga I Belgia - Live-Album (2009)
My Destiny - EP (2009)
We Came With The Northern Winds / En Saga I Belgia - DVD (2009)
Njord - Album (2009)
At Heaven's End - EP (2010)
Melusine - EP (2011)
Meredead - Album (2011)
Fires In The North - EP (2016)
Black Butterfly - EP (2019)