Death Metal from Stockholm. Nothing describes our next confirmation better… LIK are coming to SUMMER BREEZE. The old schoolers have recently released ‘Misanthropic Breed’, a record that will make every connoisseur of HM-2 sounds rejoice. Fat riffing meets catchy melodic lines, brutality alternates with banger hits: ‘Misanthropic Breed’ is a varied death metal album, which lives up to the good old flair. There’s no doubt that the new material is going to be a blast on stage! All fans of old school death metal can only take the following to their black hearts: witness and bang your head!


For Fans Of...


Mass Funeral Evocation - Album (2015)
Lik, Ucanny – Only Death Is Left Alive / The Reaping - EP (2017)
Carnage - Album (2018)

Live @ Summer Breeze