For insiders, the former bands of our next confirmation’s members read like a who is who of the Swedish death metal scene. We’re talking about LIK, who are celebrating their SUMMER BREEZE debut.

The Stockholm band have been going since 2014 and released two formidable slabs of Swedish death so far. Nice and old-school, both in sound and composition. The rave reviews their new record ‘Carnage’ has received show that Chris Barkensjö (Witchery, ex-Construcdead, ex-Face Down, ex-Kaamos and many more), Niklas “Nille” Sandin (Katatonia, ex-Amaran, ex-Life Eclipse, etc.) and Tomas Åkvik (Nale, ex-Chaosys, etc.) know what they are doing. A real treat for old-school Swedish death metal gourmets, live at SUMMER BREEZE 2019.



Mass Funeral Evocation - Album (2015)
Lik, Ucanny – Only Death Is Left Alive / The Reaping - EP (2017)
Carnage - Album (2018)