This next confirmation is Norway’s next big thing: Please welcome LÜT from the city of  Tromsø.

This young band were one of the headliners of this year’s By:Larm Black festival in Oslo, and they blew us away from the very first second. It’s not surprising that the record companies are all after LÜT, since the band delivered an impressive introduction with their self-financed debut record, and have made a massive step forward since then in terms of live experience. With a massive set of balls and three guitarists in their line-up they manage to captivate everyone at their live shows. The energy they manage to generate on stage is almost incredible. In a live setting, the songs from their debut album sound a lot thicker and heavier, which perfectly fits their sound in between Turbonegro, Kvelertak, Blood Command, the screams of Raised Fist and crossover-something-metal-punk. We are happy to present a band that is at the beginning of a successful career. Don’t you dare miss them!!!



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