Mass Hysteria

Our next confirmation is the huge surprise and at the same time the unknown of recent times – MASS HYSTERIA! But read for yourself:

Since 1993 (!), this French band has been touring the francophone territory with great success! The guys have already opened for Metallica and played premium slots at Hellfest. All of this largely unnoticed by the rest of Europe or the rest of the world, which is a shame. Because as we could convince ourselves recently, MASS HYSTERIA don’t have to hide from the international competition. When we were guests at one their shows in Paris, the guys put on a headliner production and (light) show to which even In Flames faded away! The whole thing was so professional, intoxicating, and convincing that we HAD to sign the band for one of their first shows in Germany! Musically, MASS HYSTERIA offer an eclectic blend of industrial, extreme, rap and alternative. Hard, catchy and with French lyrics. Do yourselves a favor and check out the guys at their SUMMER BREEZE premiere, thousands and thousands of fans in the French speaking areas can’t be wrong! Absolute insider tip, this could be your next favorite band!


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