At least since the eighties, it has been known that Hamburg’s metal scene has been alive and kickin’. Now, MOOR is setting out to stir up the scene from the north.

The northerners have spewed out a nasty chunk of hate with their debut album ‘Heavy Heart’, which can be located between sludge, doom, madness, and a lot of pain. But, damn, it’s a hell of a lot of fun – if you can even say that in this context, ahem… Anyway, MOOR will pull you into a pitch-black whirlpool of hate, pain, sorrow, morass, and intensity. Every fan of dark sounds should nod their head enthusiastically. Despite all the strokes of fate (cancer illnesses / death of a member), it’s extraordinary that the band managed to unleash this beast of a record. All friends of intense, uncompromising music will have their bright (in this case rather dark) joy with it. We are looking forward to this premiere in Dinkelsbühl – hopefully you will be there!


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