Mr. Hurley & Die Pulveraffen

Okay, what the hell is left to say on the next confirmation?! Every BREEZE-fan knows them, loving them or not: MR. HURLEY & DIE PULVERAFFEN are back!!!

Demanded vehemently by one half of you (it would be best if they played every day at the festival), strictly rejected by the other half, that, yes – that is MR. HURLEY & DIE PULVERAFFEN at the SUMMER BREEZE. Opinions differ, but even the greatest critics must acknowledge one thing: When these folks hit the stage, the party starts: what MR. HURLEY puts up has rhyme and reason. Whether you like it or not: the infield will be full again in 2022 and there will be a big, fat party when MR. HULEY & DIE PULVERAFFEN celebrate with you on stage. But which stage will that be?!


For Fans Of...


Achterstück - EP (2011)
Breitseite - EP (2011)
Affentheater - Album (2012)
Grog ’n’ Roll - Album (2013)
Plankrock - EP (2014)
Voodoo - Album (2015)
Tortuga - Album (2017)
Leviathan - Album (2019)