Mr. Irish Bastard

Want to dance and drink some beer? Want some action? Then MR. IRISH BASTARD is just right for you!

The Munster-based Irish folk punk band know damn well how to throw a good party. On stage and off! Their folky, punky songs immediately make you want to dance, and tracks such as ‘I Hope They Sell Beer In Hell’ set the right tone. And who knows, maybe the guys will even play one of their fantastic cover versions, so you can also strain your vocal cords. However, fact is that the fun is guaranteed at a MR. IRISH BASTARD gig, and a jolly good party is in sight. N-joy!


St. Mary’s School Of Drinking - EP (2008)
The Bastard Brotherhood - Album (2008)
Fortune & Glory - Album (2009)
A Fistful Of Dirt - Album (2010)
Never Mind The Bastards Here Is Mr. Irish Bollocks - Album (2015)
The World, The Flesh & The Devil - Album (2015)
The Desire For Revenge - Album (2018)