Nytt Land

Wonderful, ancient, Nordic wise men are presented by our next confirmation: Let yourself get caught and enchanted by NYTT LAND.

The band from Siberia built their instruments themselves, as the old Northern European songs require ancient shamanic throat singing, as well as special instrumentation. NYTT LAND take you on a journey through the tundra, from the Mongolian steppe to the Scandinavian fjords – you just have to let go and join them! Whoever was enchanted by Wardruna or Heilung at the SUMMER BREEZE will also be enchanted by NYTT LAND, so don’t miss it!


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Nytt Land - Album (2014)
Hávamál - Album (2015)
Sköpun - Album (2016)
Fimbulvinter - Album (2017)
OĐAL - Album (2018)
Cult - Album (2020)