Oceans Of Slumber

With our next confirmation everyone will be able to expand their horizon a little bit, because OCEANS OF SLUMBER should rather be called Oceans Of Diversity…

According to the band themselves, their reprtoire ranges from country to jazz to extreme metal and everything in between. With their latest album, the Houston-based progressive metal band managed a wild rollercoaster ride made of 13 breathtaking compositions. Now the Texans led by frontwoman Cammie Gilbert are coming to SUMMER BREEZE to introduce their latest record ‘The Banished Heart’ to all of you. It doesn’t matter whether you are a total thrasher, Satan lover, trve unicorn metalhead or tender soft rock fan, there’s something for everyone!


Aetherial - Album (2013)
Blue - EP (2015)
Winter - Album (2016)
The Banished Heart - Album (2018)