Orange Goblin

Rock? Stoner? Hard rock? No matter what you call ORANGE GOBLIN’s music, it is a fact that the boys from Great Britain have never played SUMMER BREEZE before and will finally bring their ballsy sound to Dinkelsbühl in 2018!

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to witness ORANGE GOBLIN live, as there’s massive riffs, fat grooves and driving rhythms on the menu – delivered by a band who are the true visualisation of their wall of sound on stage. Dirty jeans, spilled beers and a body shaken by an insane groove are the aftermath of a successful ORANGE GOBLIN concert, and that’s exactly what will happen in Dinkelsbühl in August 2018. Be prepared!



Frequencies From Planet Ten - Album (1997)
Nuclear Guru - EP (1997)
Time Travelling Blues - Album (1998)
The Big Black - Album (2000)
Coup De Grace - Album (2002)
Thieving from the House of God - Album (2004)
Healing Through Fire - Album (2007)
A Eulogy for the Damned - Album (2012)
A Eulogy for the Fans... Orange Goblin Live 2012 - (2013)
Back from the Abyss - Album (2014)