Our following confirmation has had an interesting musical journey: mastermind James Kent’s career originally began as guitarist in different black metal band, before his interest tended more and more towards dark synth wave. With PERTURBATOR he has been pretty successful since 2012, as he can count himself among the genre’s trendsetters. With his dark music inspired by Nine Inch Nails, John Carpenter, Goblin and Kraftwerk, he has brought several international festivals (Brutal Assault, Roadburn, Download, Hellfest etc.) to boiling point in the last few years, which is why we invited PERTURBATOR to Dinkelsbühl for an exclusive German festival show. This is one of the very few chances to see two icons of this style of music on one festival, PERTURBATOR and Carpenter Brut. All open minded patrons should not miss this opportunity to witness the gripping performance and fantastic light show by PERTURBATOR at SUMMER BREEZE. We are quite sure James Kent will be able to gain a big number of new followers with his show in Dinkelsbühl. Get yourselves crushed by PERTURBATOR and the irresistible atmosphere they create at their concerts!



Terror 404 - (2012)
I Am The Night - (2012)
Night Driving Avenger - (2012)
Nocturne City - (2012)
The 80s Slasher - (2012)
Sexualizer - (2013)
Dangerous Days - (2014)
The Uncanny Valley - (2016)
The Uncanny Valley - (2016)
New Model - (2017)