Agalloch are dead, long live PILLORIAN! Songs of epic proportions, sinister atmosphere, avantgarde song structures and entrancing melodies – this is what you can expect from the PILLORIAN show as part of the RIOT OFTHE UNDERGROUND!

With PILLORIAN’s debut album ‘Obsidian Arc’ former Agalloch mastermind John Haughm has created a small masterpiece of neo folk/black metal which is full of nihilism and misanthropy, but wonderfully beautiful at the same time. This band is recommended to all black metal fans who like majestic elements as much as raging speed. Bathory spring to mind, and so do Agalloch. At the RIOT OF THE UNDERGROUND John Haughm, Trevor Matthews (Uada), and Stephen Parker (Maestus) will deliver proof that PILLORIAN have a golden future and are a true enrichment for the black metal scene. Don’t miss this!



Obsidian Arc -