Pipes and Pints

You up for some Celtic Punk? How about some music that immediately goes straight to your legs and doesn’t let you stand still? Well, then we have the right thing for you: PIPES & PINTS.

The name says it all: PIPES & PINTS stand for first class parties – on stage, the band from Prague doesn’t really care about bad moods, but hits you with fresh, pious, cheerful and free music instead. And they do it in a way that the audience has no chance at all to to indulge in bad thoughts . To the contrary: the crowd will inevitably HAVE to crack some cold brews and have a good time… The gang is so much fun that a big party is inevitable. As we know you, you will give PIPES & PINTS a fat reception at their SUMMER BREEZE debut, which they will never forget for the rest of their lives!


For Fans Of...


Found & Lost - Album (2012)
Until We Die - Album (2015)
The Second Chapter - Album (2019)