There are close ties between the next confirmed band and SUMMER BREEZE Open Air, and for good reason: No other band has earned a place in your hearts through their hard work in their last few years and simultaneously climbed the career ladder as much as POWERWOLF, which is why you always want them back!

And we will gladly oblige, not least because many of you missed their secret show at our anniversary party last year. In 2018 POWERWOLF return with a full new show to Dinkelsbühl, and the best thing is they will also have a new album done by then. This means you can expect a completely renewed set by the wolves, where they will play both their classics and brand new tracks. POWERWOLF know what you want and will not disappoint. Get ready for the mightiest show POWERWOLF have ever played at SUMMER BREEZE! Storm warning for Dinkelsbühl, don’t miss it!



Return In Bloodred - Album (2005)
Lupus Dei - Album (2007)
Bible Of The Beast - Album (2009)
Blood Of The Saints - Album (2011)
Preachers Of The Night - Album (2013)
The History Of Heresy I (2004 - 2008) - Compilation (2014)
Blessed & Possessed - Album (2015)
The Metal Mass - Live-Album (2016)
The Sacrament Of Sin - Album (2018)