Consistent and accurate as a Swiss watch, our next confirmation have been releasing one great album afetr another since the early nineties: We are obviously talking about PRO-PAIN!

With their grooving hardcore metal, PRO-PAIN were not only a winner among hardcore geeks, but also open minded metalheads from day one, and that hasn’t changed one bit. This is what distinguishes a good PRO-PAIN track: groove en masse, shoutable choruses and the lack of any unnecessary ballast. All of this smashed right in your face – yep, that makes a PRO-PAIN fan happy. And especially in a live setting, Mr. Meskil’s compositions sound even more massive and powerful, so Dinkelsbühl will probably see its fair share of twitching, dancing bodies in 2018. Be there!



Foul Taste Of Freedom - Album (1992)
The Truth Hurts - Album (1994)
Contents Under Pressure - Album (1995)
Pro-Pain - Album (1995)
Act Of God - Album (1997)
Round 6 - Album (2000)
Road Rage - Live-Album (2001)
Shreds Of Dignity - Album (2002)
Run For Cover - Album (2003)
Fistful Of Hate - Album (2004)
Prophets Of Doom - Album (2005)
Age Of Tyranny - The Tenth Crusade - Album (2007)
No End In Sight - Album (2008)
Absolute Power - Album (2010)
Straight To The Dome - Album (2012)
The Final Revolution - Album (2013)
Voice Of Rebellion - Album (2015)