At the coming edition of SUMMER BREEZE prog gods QUEENSRŸCHE will be back!

Active since the eighties, the five Americans have been among the most outstanding exponents of progressive power metal ever since. With their concept album ‘Operation: Mindcrime’ they had a massive hit, and even though they might have seemed a bit unfocused around the turn of the millennium, they left that phase behind to continue in the tradition of their old monster albums with 2015’s ‘Condition Hüman’. But that’s not all: On the 1stof March 2019 singer Todd La Torre and co. will release their new album ‘The Verdict’ after four long years. So you can look forward to the highlights of four decades of QUEENSRŸCHE history in Dinkelsbühl, plus you will get to enjoy their new tracks! It’s going to be great!



Queensrÿche - EP (1983)
The Warning - Album (1984)
Rage For Order - Album (1986)
Operation: Mindcrime - Album (1988)
Overseeing The Operation - EP (1989)
Empire - Album (1990)
Operation: Livecrime - DVD (1991)
Operation: Livecrime - Live-Album (1991)
Building Empires - DVD (1993)
Promised Land - Album (1994)
Hear In The Now Frontier - Album (1997)
Q2K - Album (1999)
Live Evolution - Live-Album (2001)
Live Evolution - DVD (2001)
Tribe - Album (2003)
The Art Of Live - DVD (2004)
The Art Of Live - Live-Album (2004)
Operation: Mindcrime II - Album (2006)
Mindcrime At The Moore - Live-Album (2007)
Mindcrime At The Moore - DVD (2007)
Take Cover - Album (2007)
American Soldier - Album (2009)
Dedicated To Chaos - Album (2011)
Queensrÿche - Album (2013)
Storming Detroit - Live-Album (2014)
Condition Hüman - Album (2015)
The Verdict - Album (2019)

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