Heavy metal in its purest form – that is how you briefly describe the musical output of our next confirmation: RAM are coming to SUMMER BREEZE!

For five albums in a row the Swedes have been delivering consistently high quality in terms of pure heavy metal and made a name for themselves as a first-class live act on numerous tours through Europe. This band pays tribute to the old heroes, meaning there’s no keyboards, no happy singalongs and no softener in sight. What you get is a mean load of heavy metal, the way they only made it in the eighties. Yet reducing RAM to a mere retro band would be unfair, because they do not only cater to traditionalists and purists but also young heavy metal fans. Promised!



Forced Entry - Album (2005)
Lightbringer - Album (2009)
Death - Album (2012)
Svbversvm - Album (2015)
Rod - Album (2017)