Ross The Boss

There’s no real metal party without a few Manowar songs! Yet here no one has to die for their heavy metal, which is why we have booked ROSS THE BOSS for you all.

The band led by founding Manowar member Ross Friedman carries the flag of early Manowar with a down-to-earth, honest attitude. And ROSS THE BOSS definitely have enough hits under their belts, as Ross Friedman was greatly responsible for Manowar’s early success, so you can look forward to a gripping best of early Manowar set. The current ROSS THE BOSS line-up as already been road-tested, taking the wind out of the sails of many critics, so you can look forward to a super tight unit with a first class frontman. Hail & kill!



New Metal Leader - Album (2008)
Hailstorm - Album (2010)