Home game! Well, almost anyway! The next confirmation comes from Grïobenzell near Munich and is certainly not unknown for regular SUMMER BREEZE patrons: SCHANDMAUL.

Although the medieval folk rock band is more influenced by folk and rock, there is always room for schawm, flute, lute and hurdy-gurdy. Obviously alongside violin and accordion, as well as buzzing guitars. The bavarians’ danceable song material is the ideal fodder for their target group, so SUMMER BREEZE will again turn into one dancing mass during the SCHANDMAUL show in 2018. Not to be missed!



Wahre Helden - Album (1999)
Von Spitzbuben und anderen - Album (2000)
Narrenkönig - Album (2002)
Hexenkessel - Live-Album (2003)
Wie Pech & Schwefel - Album (2004)
Kunststück – live aus dem Circus Krone - Live-Album (2005)
Mit Leib und Seele - Album (2006)
Anderswelt - Album (2008)
Sinnfonie - Live-Album (2009)
Traumtänzer - Album (2011)
Unendlich - Album (2014)
LeuchtFeuer - Album (2016)