The underground has been buzzing since the release of ‘Voices’ in 2020, and with ‘Recollections Of The Insane’ our next confirmation even managed to double down, so it was high time to invite them to Dinkelsbühl. We are talking about SCHIZOPHRENIA.

With their two releases, the Belgian death/thrashers cater to all the needs and desires of old school fans – their adrenaline-fueled high-energy extreme metal is completely devoid of any unnecessary knick-knacks and is reminiscent of the good old days without sounding old-fashioned. The Antwerp band makes no mistakes and revives the era when old (OLD!) Sepultura or Demolition Hammer celebrated their first successes. A beautiful crossover between tradition and modernity, which brings tears of joy to the eyes of old metalheads and carries away young bangers with their incredible energy and carefree sound. Be sure to check out the band at Riot Of The Underground on Wednesday!


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