Shiraz Lane

Raw, but down-to-earth Hardrock was made for live performances – SHIRAZ LANE are playing exactly that kind of music and kick some butts at that.

Following Crash Diet, Hardcore Superstar, Mötley Crüe, L.A. Guns and the likes, the Finns are rocking straight through their material – which goes straight to your legs and grooves like hell! So, whoever is down for some absolutely gripping party music with a lot of melody should definitely check out SHIRAZ LANE! The good mood that the band radiates on stage are seamlessly transferred to the audience – something, the band once proofed at their BREEZE-premiere. Enough reason to be curious how SHIRAZ LANE has evolved since then!



Be The Slave Or Be The Change - EP (2015)
For Crying Out Loud - Album (2016)
Carnival Days - Album (2018)

Live @ Summer Breeze