Sick Of It All

They are among the godfathers of New York hardcore and still, after 30 years of existence, belong to the best and most active band in this genre. SICK OF IT ALL!

Stagnancy is a word that doesn’t exist in the world of these New Yorkers, which is impressively documented by their over 15 full-length albums. SICK OF IT ALL have a pool of hits that is second to none and the band know it, regularly delivering a fireworks display of hits at festivals, leaving no fan disappointed. It’s also a nice touch that, time and again, seemingly lesser known songs make it onto the setlist, much to the excitement of all their old-school fans. You see, SICK OF IT ALL make no mistakes and will deliver another first-class show in Dinkelsbühl in the summer of 2018, leaving nothing to be desired!



Blood, Sweat & No Tears - Album (1989)
We Stand Alone - Album (1991)
Just Look Around - Album (1992)
Scratch The Surface - Album (1994)
Live In A World Full Of Hate - Live-Album (1995)
Spreading The Hardcore Reality - Compilation (1997)
Built To Last - Album (1997)
Call To Arms - Album (1999)
Yours Truly - Album (2000)
Live In A Dive - Live-Album (2002)
Life On The Ropes - Album (2003)
Outtakes For The Outcasts - Compilation (2004)
Death To Tyrants - Album (2006)
Based On A True Story - Album (2010)
Nonstop - Album (2011)
Last Act Of Defiance - Album (2014)
When The Smoke Clears - EP (2016)