There’s always room for a little dark symphonic metal, right? That’s what SIRENIA think too, which is why they’re all packed up to travel to SUMMER BREEZE 2018.

With their accomplished mixture of gothic and symphonic metal, refined with a pinch of death metal, for 15 years SIRENIA have managed to meld catchiness with a healthy portion of heaviness, largely avoiding the goth kitsch. Their “new” singer Emmanuelle Zoldan has proven to be a great choice with an expressive voice that fits the Norwegians’ material both old and new. So if you enjoy metal that is equally bombastic and melodic and don’t mind either slightly poppy influences nor the occasional growl, you will get your money’s worth from SIRENIA at SUMMER BREEZE 2018!



At Sixes And Sevens - Album (2002)
An Elixir For Existence - Album (2004)
Sirenian Shores - EP (2004)
Nine Destinies And A Downfall - Album (2007)
The 13th Floor - Album (2009)
The Enigma Of Life - Album (2011)
Perils Of The Deep Blue - Album (2013)
The Seventh Life Path - Album (2015)
Dim Days of Dolor - Album (2016)