Slaughter Messiah

Did anybody say hellfire? Or blackened thrash metal? Whatever it may be, the Belgians SLAUGHTER MESSIAH deliver hellishly great aggressive sounds.

Some of you will probably recognize Lord Sabbathan’s coarse voice, since he is the former singer of Belgian black metal band Enthroned. SLAUGHTER MESSIAH have been producing a powerful sound in this configuration since 2011, which bears the brutality of death metal yet will also appeal to all fans of true black metal. SUMMER BREEZE Open Air presents a band reminiscent of the old Slayer and Sodom days, but who have mastered their own symbiosis of two powerful styles. Old school fans, check them out!





Black Speed Terror - EP (2013)
Putrid Invokation - EP (2014)
Morbid Re-Incantations - EP (2016)