With their last few albums, SÓLSTAFIR have been sinonymous with mega goosebumps and a dense atmosphere, which they are going to recreate at SUMMER BREEZE in the summer of 2018.

The musical evolution of these Icelanders is a prime example that a band can change without betraying their musical roots. Because despite all of their “post” attitude and alternative rock influences, SÓLSTAFIR still sound harsh and dark, yet still beautiful, just the way you would imagine Iceland’s landscape. This wasn’t any different at the beginning of their career, although a lot more (black/death) metal and slightly more one-dimensional. But nowadays SÓLSTAFIR don’t just draw their audience from the pagan metal scene, as their songs are much too layered and demanding. And you can see for yourself how well this works live on a big stage when they play SUMMER BREEZE 2018. Don’t miss it if you’re into a dark, yet rocking atmosphere and big melodies!



Til Valhallar - EP (1996)
Afmæli Í Helvíti - Live-Album (2001)
Í Blóoi Og Anda - Album (2002)
Black Death - EP (2002)
Masterpiece Of Bitterness - Album (2005)
Köld - Album (2009)
Svartir Sandar - Album (2011)
Ótta - Album (2014)
Berdreyminn - Album (2017)