Only recently, the following confirmation has toured the country and played sensationally packed roadshows, proving their critics wrong. We are talking about TAKIDA, the Swedish Rock band from Ånge in Västernorrland.

Sure, this band is probably not appealing  to the Black Metal fan, but open-minded listeners and music fans will most certainly get a hang of this hard-working band’s catchy tunes. And it should go without saying that TAKIDA’s sound on stage will be even rawer than on record. We are curious how you will receive the Swedes at their SUMMER BREEZE debut in Dinkelsbühl.


For Fans Of...


Make You Breathe - Album (2006)
Bury the Lies - Album (2007)
The Darker Instinct - Album (2009)
Bury the Lies - Album (2009)
The Burning Heart - Album (2011)
All Turns Red - Album (2014)
A Perfect World - Album (2016)
Sju - Album (2019)