The Contortionist

You like progressive metal, but nice and heavy? Well, we’ve got something for you: THE CONTORTIONIST!

This is the first time we welcome the Indiana six-piece at SUMMER BREEZE. Since their formation in 2006, the Americans have had an impressive musical evolution and managed to gain a lot of attention with their 2017 album ‘The Clairvoyant’. THE CONTORTIONIST succeed in intertwining their eclectic influences from post rock, djent and traditional prog rock in a harmonious way, appealing to all metalcore hats as well as tech freaks out there. The guys are definitely talented, no doubt about it. And if you like complex, challenging stuff, this is perfect for you! This is what metal should be like!



Sporadic Movements - Album (2007)
Shapeshifter - Album (2008)
Apparition - Album (2009)
Exoplanet - Album (2010)
Intrinsic - Album (2012)
Language - Album (2014)
Clairvoyant - Album (2017)