The Dogs

Ladies and gentlemen, may we introduce to you THE DOGS from Norway!

With this band you can expect intense, straight rock’n’roll at SUMMER BREEZE 2019, led by Kristopher Schau’s raw, angry voice. These tough hounds have become one of Norway’s hardest and most acclaimed bands through numerous releases and a large number of gigs. Not only do the dogs manage to release a studio album, a live album and four singles in one year and play their way through Norwegian lands at sold-out shows, they even supported Bruce Springsteen and went on a European tour with Kvelertak. Next, the Norwegians will come to Dinkelsbühl to throw you a big bone in the form of their new album ‘Before Brutality’, which will be released in January 2019. Don’t you dare miss this treat!



Set Yourself On Fire And Follow The Smoke - Album (2013)
The Tears Are Voodoo - Album (2014)
Black Chameleon Prayer - Album (2015)
Swamp Gospel Promises - Album (2015)
Death By Drowning - Album (2017)
The Grief Manual - Album (2017)