The Lazys

They are loud, dirty and always at the limit: THE LAZYS are coming to SUMMER BREEZE Open Air!

Completely opposite of what their band name would suggest, THE LAZYS are not lazy at all. Since their formation in 2006 the band have worked their arses off to become one of Australia’s best live bands. And the effort paid off, becase none other than Billy Talent guitarist Ian D’Sa attended one of their Canadian shows and was so impressed that he went straight to co-producing their new album. The quintet combine anthemic arena rock with great riffs and a pinch of the blues. The end result sounds like a successful combination of AC/DC, Guns n’ Roses, Rolling Stones and a bit of Billy Talent. Look forward to a full musical assault by these talented lazybones!



Prison Earth - Album (2010)
The Lazys - Album (2014)
Tropical Hazards - Album (2018)