The New Death Cult

Apparently they come from outer space and have an important message for mankind… Well, luckily they found Dinkelsbühl to present you their music. We’re talking about THE NEW DEATH CULT from, erm, Norway.

The spacy looking fellas have only released one single so far, but we have already witnessed a THE NEW DEATH CULT show and can say that, musically, the band fits in wonderfully with the rest of the Ficken Party Stage program. Their straight, driving hard rock immediately makes you move your legs, while the hooks in the songs get stuck in your ears. No wonder though, as some of the musicians were (or are) members of a well-known 70s hard rock band. So THE NEW DEATH CULT are definitely worth checking out. And who knows, perhaps until the festival starts the guys already have a debut album in the shops…





Light Spills Over -