The New Roses

Simply fantastic (and deserved) how these guys have climbed the career ladder in recent years. Through hard work THE NEW ROSES have become the most important representatives of hard rock music in Germany.

In addition to the first-class song material, this success is certainly also due to the tireless, hard work – THE NEW ROSES have never been too tired to drive through half of Europe just to tear down some shows on a weekend. This commendable attitude stuck with them to this day and so we are especially happy that the band found the time to drop by in August. Look forward to an awesome hard rock full service of an extremely playful band, peppered with catchy tunes en masse. Anyone who claims that only the really hard bands kick the audiences’ asses at BREEZE has probably missed the last two THE NEW ROSES appearances with us and will also be taught a better lesson in August 2023.


Live @ Summer Breeze

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