The Night Flight Orchestra

It is time to clean your dancing shoes, because you will need them for our next confirmation: THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA will perform at the Nuclear Blast label night!

THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA is the personal playground of the two Soilwork-veterans Björn “Speed” Strid and David Andersson as well as Sharlee D’Angelo (Arch Enemy, etc.) and others, who were able to start a sensation with their outstanding mixture of AOR, Hardrock and 70’s Disco vibe. Ever since 2017, the band has written numerous party bombs and hits, and their latest album ‘Aeromantic’ does not disappoint either. The coolness of the band’s hits combined with their incredible catchiness and the overall party factor of the compositions allow for no other result than the SUMMER BREEZE turning into a sea of dancing and grooving bodies during the performance of THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA. So put on your dancing shoes!



Internal Affairs - Album (2012)
Skyline Whispers - Album (2015)
Amber Galactic - Album (2017)
Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough - Album (2018)
Aeromantic - Album (2020)

Live @ Summer Breeze