The Oklahoma Kid

Well, of course the point of press releases is to advertise and present something in the best way possible. But if you take a look at the scrap of paper sent to us by their record company our next confirmation, you will soon realize that it will hit the nail on the head: THE OKLAHOMA KID is an excellent example of Modern Metal, which builds a bridge between instrumental finesse and energetic rhythm.

And that’s why we invited the young band to the SUMMER BREEZE, after all the combo has been around for a long time. If the EPs ‘Fortuneteller’ and ‘Doppelganger’ have already convinced you, their new album ‘Solarray’ will blow your mind. The guys are motivated and hot for their show, so the SUMMER BREEZE should better get ready for something big in August! Don’t miss out, when THE OKLAHOMA KID in Dinkelsbühl turn the festival upside down!



Solarray -