The Spirit

We are very happy to welcome this great band in Dinkelsbühl again: THE SPIRIT!

When the Saarlanders made their first stop at SUMMER BREEZE in 2018, the gig represented one of their first. And yet THE SPIRIT convinced fans and press alike. In the meantime, the guys have completed numerous tours and individual shows, as well as released two more smash albums, so the Black/Death community is eagerly awaiting the appearance in Dinkelsbühl. Musically THE SPIRIT could further refine and expand their style, without leaving the paths of melodic black-tinged death metal. And that’s also damn good! If you want to experience a technically brilliant band that fires their fabulous songs precisely and powerfully from the stage, you shouldn’t miss THE SPIRIT’s gig in Dinkelsbühl! Nuff said!


Live @ Summer Breeze

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