Toxic Holocaust

Portland, Oregon is not only known for its roses (aww, what a beauty) or microbreweries, but is also the home of numerous first-class punk and metal bands. This is where thrashers TOXIC HOLOCAUST come in, who will make an appearance at SUMMER BREEZE 2018.

From the band’s lightning-swift, uncompromising thrash metal it is easy to tell that mastermind Joel Grind was influenced by old punk and thrash classics such as Discharge, Slayer, Venom, The Exploited and D.R.I. A lot of energy is moved, mosh pits are formed, headbanging can not be avoided – and that’s the way it should be! “Thrash as thrash can” is the motto as a true riff hurricane comes down on you in Dinkelsbühl! Get ready for an overdose of no-bullshit thrash metal!



Evil Never Dies - Album (2003)
Toxic Thrash Metal - Compilation (2004)
Hell On Earth - Album (2005)
Brazilian Slaughter 2006 - DVD (2008)
An Overdose Of Death - Album (2008)
Conjure And Command - Album (2011)
Chemistry Of Consciousness - Album (2014)

Live @ Summer Breeze