It is safe to say that TRIVIUM have delivered yet another highlight of their career with ‘In The Court Of The Dragon’. So, we are all very excited to welcome the band at SUMMER BREEZE 2023!

To be fair, at SUMMER BREEZE it has always been pretty easy for the band, since you guys are eating out of the band’s hand anyway. Yet, we are sure that TRIVIUM will be able to convince even the last critics in Dinkelsbühl with their new material from ‘In The Court Of The Dragon’ as the album is extremely multifaceted and captivating! If you don’t scream along to songs like ‘Feast Of Fire’ and bang your head, there is no helping you. Not to mention the remainder of the Best Of program that Heafy and Co. will fire off… We are in for a sweaty night filled with many highlights. Will you be there?!? We really hope so!!!


Live @ Summer Breeze

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