Our next confirmation, which we are happy to announce, offers some hauntingly beautiful, kitsch-free Black Metal. With ‘Cult of a Dying Sun’, UADA have put forward a genius album that NEEDS TO BE presented in Dinkelsbühl!

The press – and that rightfully so – went crazy on that musical sensations which the Americans have presented with their second stroke. On the one hand, UADA push forward hard and aggressively, but on the other hand without ignoring catchy melodies. This combination works brilliantly and launches the band into the top-league of Black Metal. UADA have proven with both of their albums that there is a even more untapped potential, which means that it’s only a question of time until these gentlemen make the final leap into the spotlight. Be part of it!


For Fans Of...


Devoid Of Light - Album (2016)
Cult of a Dying Sun - Album (2018)

Live @ Summer Breeze