Van Canto

With the following confirmation we present you a band that is absolutely unique in the heavy metal genre. The ladies and gentlemen of Van Canto are coming to Dinkelsbühl.

If there was really anybody who hasn’t stumbled upon VAN CANTO despite their seven albums, they should know they are dealing with an a capella band. An a capella heavy metal band, to be more precise. VAN CANTO consist of six singers and a drummer. The rhythm and lead guitars, bass and keyboards are imitated using the singers’ voices. So it’s pretty extraordinary what these gentlemen will deliver on stage, and definitely worth a trip to the stage for all open minded listeners among you.



A Storm To Come - 2006
Hero - 2008
Tribe Of Force - 2010
Break The Silence - 2011
Dawn of The Brave - 2014
Voices Of Fire - 2016
Trust In Rust - 2018