VULTURE! Where is the goddamned heart-shape button?! This confirmation opens up the heart of every real metalhead which is why this post should be drowned in hearts.

The German Speed Metal freaks are celebrating the good old times in a way that even brings tears of joy to the eyes of the old hands. Pure fucking Speed Metal is the motto and VULTURE have all that makes this genre so unique. Even on their latest neck-breaker ‘Dealin‘ Death‘ they managed to create a sound that is incredibly Old School – and that’s not a negative at all! Well, a band for old folks? Hell no! Each and every Heavy Metal fan, old or young, who likes real steel simply HAS to be a VULTURE-fan! Period!


For Fans Of...


Victim to the Blade - EP (2016)
The Guillotine - Album (2017)
Ghastly Waves & Battered Graves - Album (2019)