They were one of the first – and best – bands that reignited the fire in thrash metal around ten years ago: from Ventura, California, WARBRINGER!

The guys led by vocalist John Kevill were young, wild and highly motivated, and had certainly done their homework: Their debut album ‘War Without End’ did not only convince musically on a musical level, but also started a whole avalanche of young, hopeful bands with a penchant for old-school thrash metal. Now, fourteen years after the band’s formation, WARBRINGER are still here, while many of their peers have given up. Even though the band had to endure several hardships, the thrashers came back in 2017 with a killer album. In a live situation they are still convincing as always, so you can look forward to a fulminant, no-bullshit thrash metal show as part of the Riot Of The Underground! We are pretty stoked, and we hope you are too!



War Without End - Album (2008)
Waking Into Nightmares - Album (2009)
Worlds Torn Asunder - Album (2011)
IV: Empires Collapse - Album (2013)
Woe To The Vanquished - Album (2017)

Live @ Summer Breeze