While She Sleeps

Sheffield, South Yorkshire, has always been an important breeding ground for rock and pop music in England. Besides greats like Joe Cocker, Def Leppard or Bring Me The Horizon, it is also the hometown of our next confirmation – which was veeery high on your wish list: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome WHILE SHE SLEEPS!!!

According to Metal.de, these metalcore Brits have long since found their very own recipe and the current album ‘So What?’ plays out its strengths on numerous levels. But probably not least because of that, WHILE SHE SLEEPS have been at the top of your “modern”-wish list. We are glad that we could bring the band to Dinkelsbühl for you in 2020, so don’t miss them!



The North Stands For Nothing - Album (2010)
This Is The Six - Album (2013)
Brainwashed - Album (2015)
You Are We - Album (2017)
So What? - Album (2019)