A hot tip in the doom sector is definitely WINDHAND, whom we are able to confirm next.

The Richmond, Virginia doomsters ave just released their fourth album ‘Eternal Return’, which has been praised by press and fans alike. On their fourth record, the stoner/doom rockers, whom some people even categorize as occult rock, celebrate slowness at its best, however, without sacrificing catchy melodies in between all those massive riffs. With Dorthia Cottrell the band have a real jewel in their ranks – the young lady’s hypnotizing voice is the crown jewel of all WINDHAND tracks. So look forward to WINDHAND at SUMMER BREEZE 2019. For doom fans at least, this gig is an absolute must see!



Windhand - Album (2011)
Soma - Album (2013)
Grief’s Infernal Flower - Album (2015)
Eternal Return - Album (2018)