Within Temptation

The connection between the SUMMER BREEZE and the following confirmation reaches back to the ‘Mother Earth’ days of the band (2002 to be exact), when they were allowed to get on the boards early in the day. Now, 20 years later, WITHIN TEMPTATION will return to the SUMMER BREEZE as one of the main acts!

Nowadays, WITHIN TEMPTATION fill the large arenas while the stage shows and setups have become much more elaborate and impressive over time, however one fact has never changed: as a live act, WITHIN TEMPTATION are still a lot of fun and know how to entertain you even during longer sets. With their melodic metal, which couldn’t be catchier, the Dutch band will show that they still belong to the strongest representatives of this guild. So be there when WITHIN TEMPTATION make their biggest appearance yet at the SUMMER BREEZE!


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