CLUB 666 Info page

You can log in to the new costumer portal at any time with your login data (E-Mail and password).
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask:
For your information there’s an unofficial club 666 facebook group.
Updated information on Covid-19:


Q: Where do I find my member number? A: You will find it on your membership card under Member ID (18xxx or 19xxx,..) or in the SUMMER BREEZE reguistration emails.

Q: What do disabled members (with a special mark in their ID card) have to do with regards to their accompanying person?
A: In this respect, the same procedure applies for all patrons. You will find information about it here:

Q: I have received a Club 666 bracelet. What is its use?
A: You don’t need to wear the Club 666 bracelet for any benefits. It’s a souvenir for Club 666 members. If you’d lose your bracelet you can reorder it here:

Q: I have lost my Club card. What can I do?
A: You can reorder a Club card for €10.-. Please send an e-mail to

Q: I have requested to join the unofficial Club 666 Facebook group, but haven’t received a confirmation yet, how come?
A: When requesting to join, you were asked for your member number (on your Club card). If you didn’t supply one or haven’t received your card yet, please contact the group admin. Or perhaps you already have a message in FB Messenger (check your spam folder just in case).


Q: Are the hardtickets for Club members?
A: Every Club 666 member will receive a Summer Breeze Supporter Ticket each year. However, you will receive your valid ticket via email with the ticket number that is valid for all the following years. Only the e-ticket will gain you access to the festival site.

Q: Will my hardticket be transferable?
A: The festival tickets aren’t personalized. We recommend you give away your festivalticket to a trustworthy person. The important point is your QR Code on your E-Ticket.

Information about Green Camping:
You can choose Green Camping in your costumerarea (Link follows). You’ll be able to camp with your group in case they haven’t join the club 666 so far.


Q: When and where do I have to decide in which year I will use my VIP oprtion?
A: Every Club 666 member has got the chance to choose the VIP option once in their 3-year membership. The VIP ticket can be requested in the online member area.

Q: I have already used my VIP option. Can I take it again for an extra price?
A: No, that’s not possible. The VIP option is just a bonus for members to use one year.

Q: What perks does the VIP area offer?
A: In the VIP area there is a party tent with Djs, a beer garden, alternative food choices, alternative beer choices, a cozy chill-out zone, flushable toilet containers. Furthermore, the VIP area is located exactly in between Main Stage and T Stage, offering an ideal spot during changeovers to rest and freshen up. A few bands also visit the VIP area. You also get acces to the VIP campsite, in case you want to camp there.

Q: Where do I check in as as VIP guest at the site?
A: The VIP container can be found at the Check In SV Sinbronn, outside of the festival site at the sports field in Sinbronn, opposite the gas station.

Q: I have a VIP upgrade, but I don’t want to camp on the VIP campsite. Where do I have to go?
A: After checking in at the VIP container you can normally enter the site through the security checks at Black Earth.

Q: Is it possible to meet other Club members at Summer Breeze?
A: Please request to join the unofficial Club 666 Facebook group in order to do so.

Q: As a VIP guest in Club 666, do I automatically have the right to camp on the VIP campsite?
A: If you chose the VIP option, you have the right to camp on the VIP campsite that year.

Q: How do I get to the VIP campsite? A: After the Check In you will be directed straight to the VIP campsite. You don’t need to go through the security corridors at Black Earth.

Q: As a VIP camper, may I also access the Green Camping area?
A: Unfortunately that’s not possible. You would have to register separately for the Green Camping.


As a Club 666 Member you’ll be able to preorder the exclusive Summer Breeze Merchandise. Further information will follow in time before Summer Breeze Open Air 2021.