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ABBATH send ice-cold blizzards ahead of them. Hailing from Bergen, the virtual capital of Norwegian black metal, the band can confidently be considered more than just the return of bandleader Abbath. The ex Immortal frontman gathered the best musicians to make his vision come to life. And this vision is the real thing, though it is obviously reminiscent of Olve Eikemo’s (aka Abbath Doom Occulta) musical past, but it is also a breath of fresh air and good for a few surprises. The opening track on the album, which was released at the beginning of 2016, is titled “To War” and makes it clear from the start that no prisoners will be taken. Armed with probably the most recognisable corpsepaint, elaborate riffs that make the songs become real anthems, and a devilish grin, Abbath will pay an unforgettable visit to SUMMER BREEZE with his band ABBATH.