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ATTENTION: Inquiries / bookings on

Since the transport authorities have not yet changed the system for the electronic schedule information, at the moment there’s still train connections to Dinkelsbühl appearing on that almost always include the Ansbach station, because the special services, which have now been cancelled, are still stored in the system. However, this would mean chaos in Ansbach, as the few regular line busses would only be able to accommodate a small number of travellers!
So please make sure when inquiring or booking on that your connection does NOT include Ansbach!
We urgently advise you to travel via Crailsheim and Ellwangen.
The regular services from Ansbach will obviously operate normally… yet they will not be stopping at the Schiesswasen stop as usual, but at the bus station ZOB Schwedenwiese. Again, we are absolutely powerless in this respect, as the final decision lies with the transport authorities. However, the SUMMER BREEZE shuttle buses will stop at the bus station ZOB Schwedenwiese every day.