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Keep your eyes open for your safety / police

The Bavarian police will be there to serve and protect you. Don’t panic, they are really nice people and willing to help wherever possible. However, they will be testing for drug and alcohol abuse as usual. For that reason, but also for your own safety, please make sure your driver stays sober. We will not clear the daily parking lot so you may stay there overnight. The police controls on Sunday will definitely happen, be forewarned!
Furthermore, the police considers the whole festival ground, including concert area, campsite and parking area, as public roads. Please keep this in mind when driving on the festival site (no drugs/alcohol, only registered cars, mandatory use of helmets for bikers, MOT, etc.) and behave as if you were driving on an open street. The police will be there to enforce traffic laws.
The main police station is near the entrance to the campground.
Emergency number: 110
Click here to see an security overview in the following PDF.