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“Haste makes waste” or something like that is probably what AUTUMNAL thought when they took no less than eight years to make their second album. However, if the result is always going to be as awesome as ‘The End Of The Third Day’ we will gladly wait another eight years for record number three.
The band hails from Spain, but judging by their style you would guess they’re from Northern Europe, where it’s either dark during half of the year or always grey and rainy. Therefore AUTUMNAL are recommended listening for fans of Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride and Katatonia. Happier personalities will probably not enjoy the Madrid-based band too much. Their songs, which are always quite long, mourn, denounce, crawl under the skin, wrap the listener in a tear-drenched veil of melancholy and majestically translate the pain of this world into music. So if you are into doom with a slight gothic touch, you should not miss this band at SUMMER BREEZE 2015!