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Does the name Leif Edling ring a bell? Most of you will remember him as the main riff master of the priests of doom known as Candlemas. Attentive listeners will already know that his new band AVATARIUM is right on a par with his old band.
However, it’s difficult to compare both bands. It’s solely the pure heaviness of their riffs that seems to be indelibly carved in the Swede’s DNA. But where Candlemass catered mostly to epic doom metal fans, AVATARIUM cover a broader spectrum, mainly due to frontwoman Jennie-Ann Smith’s characteristic voice. Her vocals always fit the song’s atmospheric direction perfectly. No matter if it’s rocking, tender, mystic or melancholic, the interplay between the band’s diverse songwriting and her exceptional vocal delivery intensifies the emotions emanating from their music and makes them tangible. And this will definitely also be the case at the T Stage during the Nuclear Blast Label Night!