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BEFORE THE DAWN already have six albums under their belts and are even signed to label giant Nuclear Blast. However, they still are undeservedly considered an insider’s tip of the dark metal scene. Especially on their last three albums, ‘Deadlight’, ‘Soundscape Of Silence’ and ‘Deathstar Rising’, they have managed to place true classics such as ‘Deadsong’ and ‘Dying Sun’. It’s seldom to hear such a perfectly balanced mix of epic clean vocals and monstruous grunts with a catchiness that will not be ignored by a wider audience for much longer. The Finn’s musical foundation consists of powerful melodic riffs and song structures that cover the whole spectrum from heavy and driving to tender and fragile. It’s for a reason they label themselves “melancholic Scandinavian metal”. Don’t miss them! Especially not if one of your favorite bands is Amorphis.